“WATER: A Storymentary” Summer 2012 Youth Video Production

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

This summer at SCATV, a group of Somerville youth created a fascinating new video production called “Water: A Storymentary”. Youth were involved in the principle creative planning for the project and were asked to develop a concept about water conservation that would resonate with fellow youth. The group decided that they didn’t want to make a standard “talking head” documentary and that’s when they came up with the idea of a “storymentary” which would be a hybrid of a fictional idea combined with interviews featuring experts from the community. The basic plot is a journey involving a living water droplet named Rachel Raindrop who ends up in Union Square and can’t flow back to Boston Harbor where she belongs. She meets a helpful citizen named Felipe who takes her on a walk through Somerville and shows Rachel some of the ways that residents are conserving water including rain barrels, rooftop gardens, tap water vs bottled water and lawn depaving. One of the highlights in the video is a standoff between a plastic water bottle and a drinking fountain who come to life and have a “rap battle”. This creates a fun musical interlude within the 12-minute long piece. Interviews with Lenni Armstrong, Reneé Scott and Anthony Sharp help to bolster the factual information that the video delivers and the final product balances fun with serious messages about water usage in Somerville.


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