2010 Videos

Groundwork Somerville and Somerville Community Access Television teamed up for a fantastic Next Generation Producers program focusing on Somerville’s community path, bicycle safety, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. Check out the great videos below and be inspired!

This is a stop-motion medley put together by SCATV’s Next Generation Producers After School Film Production Club.

SCATV’s Next Generation Producers youth program and Somerville Cares About Prevention teamed up to interview Somerville residents about the issue of teen drinking.

This PSA was made by SCATV’s Next Generation Producers/the Boys and Girls Club of Somerville.

This PSA was made by the students in SCATV’s Next Generation Producers After School Film Production Club.

This is a stop-motion animation created by SCATV’s after school film production club. The concept, art design, and animating was done 100% by the students.

SCATV’s Next Generation Producers created this PSA about teen empowerment and saying “no” to alcohol. Featuring an original soundtrack!

The teens from SPF 100 created a stop-motion film using a digital camera about the importance of seeking help when feeling depressed. A collaboration between Somerville Cares About Prevention and Somerville Community Access Television.

SCATV joined forces with the Boys & Girls Club to create this video about the importance of staying in school.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2993216&dest=-1]

Here is SCATV’s behind the scenes video of creating the PSA about staying in school.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=3091310&dest=-1]

  1. essays says:

    I think that the problems that were reported here are very keen.Popularization of healthy and active style of life is a good idea.

  2. Sarah Hayden says:

    really good stuff here – enjoyed watching these videos by the youth of Somerville

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